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Terry, your 52 mind power secrets were great! They were the ones that got me this far. To be honest, your information has caused many transformations in my life; along with some smoothed edges.

For once in my life, I look forward to waking up and experiencing each day."

  --Melvin Nibbs
    Atlanta, Ga.  USA

"I think the '52 Mind Power Secrets' should be read by everyone who's looking to understand himself/herself better. This eBook offers a different way of understanding yourself by viewing yourself as primarily a thinking being.

The secrets discussed in this eBook have helped me and I believe they can help anyone who approaches them with an open mind. I highly recommend this book to all!"

Thanks, Terry!

  --Behnam Moradian
    Montreal, Canada

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Deluxe Edition


   "Your Magical Journey Within"

"From Your Jungle Trail Of Mental Foolishness, To Your
                        Royal Road To Mental Genius"


  I can remember the old T.V. show "Star Trek", stating that outer space
was the final frontier of discovery.

  But today, I state that the true frontier of discovery is within you.
Your mental/spiritual realm. Your magical journey within.

  I'm proud of you. You care enough about your future to learn how to 
make it better. You can see the value of a good mental education.

  Few things can compare to the splendor of peace of mind. The joy 
of knowing your mind is working with you, and not sneakingly 
against you. The confidence of a prosperous future, and charmed life.

I'm happy to play a part in your mental growth.

  Along with my mental secrets, I'll share with you valuable mental
insights. You'll get to look deep inside me. How I run my own mind.
My most intimate thoughts.

  Is it fair to look this deeply into someone else's mind? To closely
examine somebody's personal thoughts?

  For the sake of your mental education, it is. That's why I'm willing
to let you peek inside me; to share my power.

  Although my mind power secrets are powerful, they aren't

  Give them time to work in your life. Just think, it took you years
to get where you are now. Give change a timely chance to work.

  Like most things in life, you'll start out slow, but then you'll
experience tiny successes. Momentum will start to build; then bigger
successes will follow.

  You'll grow in mind power and strength. Over time, you'll slowly grow
into a mental genius. A mind master. A mental king.

  May you use your new-found power for good, and prosper, and grow in
wisdom; to the greater glory of God.

Your mental friend;

P.S. I'd like to share a poem I wrote:

"Your  Great  Mind"

Once upon a time, there was a great mind;
but it had a weak soul as its king.

The soul willed it wrong, and it wasn't too long;
peace and joy it never did bring.

Its life filled with much lack, 'cause it didn't have the knack;
'cause it was new and green at this thing.

Tried every which way, to brighten its day;
but peace and joy kept refusing to cling.

You see the soul was blind, about the workings of its mind;
and its life never had that true ring.

But the soul got wise, and opened its eyes,
and a mentor took it under his wing.

Taught it tricks of all kind, on how to use its great mind;
now sweet songs of peace and joy it can sing.

© 2001 52mindpowersecrets.com

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#1).  "Break Up The Mental Mutiny"
Let's face it, if your mental kingdom is not in order, then it's divided. Which means, you have thoughts that are secretly, sneakingly, trying to take over. To boost your mind power, you must put an end to your mental civil war and mutiny coup, going on among your thoughts.

Valuable Mental Insight:

  Here's a power secret I hid from myself for years. I couldn't face the fact that my mind was divided. That my thoughts were divided. That my mental house was not in order.

But I finally grew the strength and resolve to face up to it.

  Here's what I found out: my own thoughts were fighting each other. And some of my evil thoughts wanted to take over, and start giving me orders!

  Can you imagine my surprise, when I looked out over my thoughts, and found the same evil thoughts that I had favored, protected, aided and abetted, were conspiring against me!   I felt deceived.    Tricked.

  If they weren't picking fights with my good thoughts, they were trying to recruit them into their mad plan for a takeover coup. 

  I then knew in order for my mental kingdom to grow and prosper, I had to break up the mutiny going on among my evil thoughts.

  I devised a plan. I would secretly start gathering up my most loyal good thoughts, and build a forceful mental army. I would go to war against my evil thoughts. It would still be civil war, but I would be commander-in-chief, leading the way, instead of civil war going on behind my back; leaving me out.

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#2).  "Watch What You Think About"
  Don't be a sloppy thinker. Realize you're launching a force. A force that can work for good or evil. Thought power. Knowing this, don't just loosely give birth to thoughts. Also, don't dwell and linger on unwholesome evil thoughts. To grow in mind power, watch what you think about.

Valuable Mental Insight:

  I must confess; as I look back, deep into my past, I was once a sloppy thinker. I didn't know any better. I just thought and thought and thought. I never thought there was any force involved. I didn't think of my thoughts as good or evil. I thought they were just plain ol' innocent thoughts.

  Boy was I wrong! Before I knew it, over the years, I had weaved a super steel cable, that would later bind and entrap me. All from being a careless thinker.

  I didn't know, that if you're not careful, and watch what you think about, you could end up in mental "gridlock".

  You can "gum-up" the whole works. Then your thoughts would be in a vicious self-defeating swirl. Spiraling downward.

I would give birth to all kinds of shady thoughts.

  But as I began to gain strength and grow in mind power, I started watching what I thought about.

  I started ignoring certain thoughts. I learned that my unwholesome
evil thoughts grew in strength  by me dwelling on them. I shut their power down, by refusing to dwell on them. It all slowed down their rate of growth. I eventually started a plan to put them to death, forever.

  Boy what a clean-up job I had built up for myself! All because I was a lazy sloppy thinker, from the start.

  A hard lesson for me; but learn from my mistake, if you want to grow into a mighty genius. Critically watch what you think about!

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#3).  "Don't Ask, - Command Your Thoughts"
  Claim your legal birth-right as "thinker". You are the king/queen. Therefore, don't ask your thoughts for compliance. Approach and command them. Don't give weak 50%, 70%, or even 99.9% commands. But command with 100% surety. It's the only clear signal that your thoughts respect. A solid unwavering command.

Valuable Mental Insight:

Here's a secret I learned only after I grew a little in mind power.

  I thought all I could do was just hope or wish, then wait and see if I got what I wanted. I never knew I could "command" my thoughts. That by their very nature, they had to obey me.

  This shed light on a group of my thoughts that seemed to be free of that inherent obedience. Those thoughts were evil. They didn't have to obey me - and they wouldn't. The only time they seemingly did, was to give me a false sense of security; only to sneakingly execute their subversive plans to get around my will.

  I found that I could only command my good thoughts. Being a weak thinker, my commands were weak too. I was commanding, but with little power.

  But as I started growing in power, my commands became stronger. Until one day, I could give 100% sure commands.

  The lesson I learned was, "Be King", grow into genius, and command - don't ask!

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#4).  "Run Your Mind Like A Kingdom"
Every mental kingdom must have a king/queen; a divine ruler. The thinker him/herself. All others are subject to his/her commands. All evil enemies must be put down. The kingdom must not be divided against itself; and it must grow and prosper. Peace must be on the right side of the throne, and joy must be on the other.

Valuable Mental Insight:

I can remember those earlier years. I ran my mind like an open country. Foreign thought visitors came and went.

  I didn't have anyone at the border gate checking for identification. Thoughts came and went as they pleased. Some were evil terrorist; bent on destroying me. I had no idea who they were. There was no law. Thus, no law enforcement.  It was like the old wild, wild, west; Dodge City of the mind.

  As thoughts lodged in my mind, I noticed that without me acting like a king, my mind was a lawless city. Not a kingdom. Enemy thoughts flourished. The noisy fights were too much for peace and joy to stand. But torment of mind and sorrow of heart, were enjoying themselves.

  I shutter when I reflect back; that in some black dark parts of my mind, were on-going evil terrorist training camps.

I didn't run my mind like a kingdom. I didn't even have a security system.

  You see, when you run your mind like a kingdom, there must be a king. There must be authority. There must be order. Your will must be obeyed. And finally, there must be law enforcement and security.

  Here's a startling fact I found out: my thoughts loved to be ruled (except the evil ones). I found out that it was the inherent nature of my good thoughts to be ordered around. They loved it! They loved to do my will. They loved the kingdom set-up. They wanted a strong king. They wanted law and order.

  You see, it was only when I neglected my birth-right as king, and became a lazy thinker, that my thoughts lost respect in me. I was a dead-beat thought dad. But once I took responsibility as father of my thoughts, my good thoughts started to side with me.

  I'll never forget the lesson. Never again will I run my mind like Dodge City of the old wild west, but as an awakened mental king, who runs his mind like a lawful kingdom.

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#5).  "Repair The Communications System With Your
Subconscious Mind"

A sure sign of a mental kingdom in disarray, is poor, or a lack of communication. You ignore, or half listen to your mind. You give it weak commands that go unfulfilled, and it gives you hunches and intuitions that you question and or ignore. A sure sign of a broken and failed mental marriage relationship. But, to boost your mind power, you must repair and improve this failed communication.

Valuable Mental Insight:

This power secret is painful for me to even reflect upon. It was a sorrowful state. I'm ashamed to even recall it. But, for the sake of your mental education, I'll revisit that old state.

  You see, there was a time when I didn't communicate with my subconscious mind. My communications system was so damaged and broken, I just gave up on it.

  My mental marriage was on the rocks. We didn't have any rapport. No rhythm. No signal system. No program strategy. No plan for eternity.

  It was a wonder anything got done. I can now look back and understand why my will rarely got obeyed. It was as if my mind had a mind of its own. Also, my evil thoughts started having more influence on my subconscious mind than I had.

  Just like any failed marriage, I became frustrated and callous. I blamed my mind, - not myself; the thinker.

  I had one plan for my future, but my mind had another. We were not on the same page. My plans never got through. It was like I was being held captive.

  I didn't trust my own mind. I questioned every hunch and intuition. I had been "set-up", then let down, so many times, that I thought the best course of action to take, was to question everything. Doubt became my friend.

  Here's what I did to change: I took counsel with my good thoughts. I began to trust them more and more. Slowly, very slowly, I became closer and more sensitive to them. My confidence in my good thoughts began to grow.

  Some of my good thoughts urged me to listen to my subconscious mind. I resolved to listen. I still had my doubts, but I started to become more and more sensitive. I would listen, but I still hesitated to act.

  I started to act, but only on little suggestions (I didn't want to get set-up and burned again). I began to have tiny, tiny successes. Those tiny successes gave me a little courage and confidence. I began to see the value of the relationship. 

  Again, I counseled with my good thoughts, and declared that I would start repairing my failed communications system with my subconscious mind. I knew it was a huge undertaking. But I slowly began to grow.

  As I look back, I see it was the right thing to do. I knew that to grow in genius mind power, and get my will done, I just had to repair the
failed communications system with my subconscious mind.

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#6).  "Don't Get Out Of Bed Without A Mental Plan"
This business of hopping out of bed and addressing issues as they arise, or "rolling with the daily punches", is a trait of a weak king/queen. If you're to operate in daily power, plan your work; then work your plan. Make sure today's goals are clearly defined, and accepted by your subconscious mind in partnership; even before you get out of bed each day.

Valuable Mental Insight:

  Here's another mistake I made when I was a weak king. I didn't have a daily plan. I didn't have a plan at all. My mind was operated "willy-nilly", "helter-skelter", "hit and miss."

  You see, I was not in partnership with my subconscious mind. I would just hop out of bed and run with the daily punches. Dodging bullets as I went along.

  I lived with the hope that, by chance, something good would happen to me each day. It was only a hope. No strategy. No vision. No program. No plan.

  It was a terrible mistake and by-product of my weakness. I was like a traveler in life, without a road map or destination.

  Today, I shutter to think that I would ever hop out of bed without a daily plan. Today, I see the power in planning. Now, it seems the more I plan (and plan way ahead, at that), the more I grow in mind power. It builds exponentially upon itself. Even into genius.

I finally learned the powerful magic of daily planned goals.

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#7).  "Realize That You Think Thoughts You Aren't
Aware Of"

Thoughts you think that you're aware of, are conscious thoughts. Thoughts you think that you're not aware of, are subconscious thoughts. You are constantly thinking subconscious thoughts; even while dreaming at night. So, as royal thinker king/queen, don't be fooled by the tip of the ice-berg. Realize there's more thought action below the surface, than above.

Valuable Mental Insight:

  What a startling truth for me! Thoughts I think that I'm not aware of? It was hard for me to believe, when I was first introduced to that fact. What was even more surprising, was the fact that most of my thinking was undetected by myself. It was subconscious.

  Which means: I was quietly going on about my business, while all along, I was thinking evil destructive thoughts behind the scenes, that were contrary to what I wanted in life.

One of my original questions was, - why? 

  Why do I think thoughts that I'm not aware of? It was only after I grew in wisdom, that the answer came to me. I found out that: "It was the best and efficient way to think." It's like two-stage thinking.

  If I didn't think subconscious thoughts, one problem could engross my consciousness and freeze me up; by having me constantly dwelling on it.

  With two-stage thinking, I can just turn the problem over to my subconscious mind to continue thinking about it, while I go on enjoying life; or think about something else. Once the problem is solved, my subconscious mind then notifies me. Isn't that great?

  But earlier in my life, I made terrible mistakes. I was wasting my mind. For I rarely turned anything over to my subconscious mind, because I didn't trust it. We weren't playing on the same team. I wanted to consciously solve it all myself.

  The revelation that I think thoughts that I'm not aware of, gave me a boost in mind power. For I started using that fact in my favor.

  Today, with my subconscious mind as my close friend, I'm trusting, and no longer fearful of my subconscious thoughts.

  I learned my lesson. I no longer try to consciously tackle all my problems. A golden lesson that every genius thinker must learn.

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#8).  "Realize That Some Of Your Thoughts May Be

It's true. They may have been in your mind for years. May have been born there. May have come from someone else's mind. You may even favor them; but, to boost your mind power, you can't live in denial of the fact that, some of your thoughts may be evil. Secretly causing chaos and mutiny in your mind.

Valuable Mental Insight:

  This secret really hurt me. Finding it out was a relief. But knowing the fact, hurt. I didn't think there was any harm in thinking a few evil thoughts. I figured that the vast majority of my thoughts were good. Boy, was I wrong! I had to come to grips with the cold fact that I habitually thought evil thoughts.

The tricky part was that, I even thought evil thoughts - subconsciously!

  So, they were getting into my mind without me knowing it. I learned that my evil thoughts were like weeds. They later started interfering with my good thoughts, harassing them, and starting fights; just to keep some confusion going.

  I thought I was a good person, while all along, I was thinking sneaky
evil thoughts. No wonder my dreams at night were wild movies. I was a
secret evil thought factory.

  Once I embraced that fact, I could start a plan to shut down that factory. I had been fooled by the tip of the ice-berg. While all the main action was going on underneath.

  I now know, in order for me to prosper and grow into a genius thinker, I could no longer live in denial of the fact that, I entertained evil thoughts.

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#9).   "Issue Assignments To Your Thoughts And
Expect Results"

The old broken truce of "if my evil thoughts don't bother me, I won't bother them", is foolishness; if you want to boost your mind power, remember, you're the king/queen. You issue missions and assignments to your thoughts. Hint: your good thoughts will welcome your assignments and come back with results. But your evil thoughts will question them, and come back from their missions, empty handed.

Valuable Mental Insight:

  This super-secret made me realize my kingship. If I was to be king of my mind, I had to act like a king. I couldn't rely on a peace treaty with my evil thoughts; thinking they won't bother me, if I don't bother them.

My evil thoughts would always break the treaty.

  But to act as king, I had to not only give orders, but to command assignments also. In order to grow, I had to devise and administer work

My kingdom was at stake.

  Earlier in my life, when I was a weak thinker, I was afraid to give work
assignments to my thoughts. They either never completed their missions, or they would come back empty-handed. My will hardly ever got done. So, I started to not even expect results at all.

  My poor mental attitude kept me in a self-defeating, downward spiral of mind power; leading to gridlock.

  This one secret I just had to do, if my kingdom was to prosper. I had to grow and build up enough faith in my birth-right as thinker, to be king, and act as king.

  So, as I grew, my attitude of "just leave them alone", began to change. I didn't just leave them alone. I started issuing assignments to my thoughts; and I expected results.

You should too; if you want to grow in genius mind power.

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#10).  "When You Think, Act; Don't Wait For A Second

Remember, your subconscious mind works in nano-seconds. Its plans are precisely timed; like a musician's turn in a symphony. When your subconscious mind prompts you to act, move. Don't debate it. For the timed opportunity of "right place/right time" will quickly slip away. To wait on a second chance, is foolishness.

Valuable Mental Insight:

  Boy, oh boy, did I get a huge shot of power when I finally learned this powerful secret lesson.

  But earlier in my life, my hit-and-miss, wait for another, maybe better chance, cost me dearly. I traced it back to a lack of faith in my subconscious mind.

  My lack of faith caused a stutter-step walk with my subconscious mind. We weren't in rhythm. Sometimes, I thought the second try-chance was better for me. Even though opportunity after opportunity, kept passing me by. As the old saying goes, "I was a day late, and a dollar short."

  Hesitation carries a steep price tag. I know, I paid it many times. Can you imagine my frustration, as I waited and waited and waited, for second chance opportunities. They never came. Here's why: my subconscious mind had set up unique little interactions. Precision timed. "Do it or lose it" scenarios.

  They included good fortune, items on sale, things I could have said, people that could have helped me, people I could have helped, kind deeds, financial rewards, dangers to avoid, dates to remember, etc. 

  Things that would affect and enrich my life. Yet, I balked, wavered, and hesitated to act the first time; for I was afraid.

  I had been burned so many times, that I preferred to do nothing and not get burned, rather than act right away. Sometimes, I would act after trying to weigh everything out first, but I found the time-delay was way too long. Opportunities flowed pass me.

  It was only after I started mending my mental marriage with my subconscious mind, that I began to have faith and confidence. I started to get in "lock-step" with my subconscious mind. Surprisingly, I became so sensitive to its signals, that I actually sat-in-wait, expecting the next hunch or nudge. 

  When I got it, I acted right away. As I grew in mind power, I developed complex programs that kept fear and doubt at bay. Soon, the doubt was eliminated. Now, I don't even think about a second chance. It was a powerful mental lesson I'll never forget. A lesson that blazed the trail, on my royal road to genius.


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